Berseem- Bigbee Clover- 50 LB Bag

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Berseem- Bigbee Clover- 50 LB Bag



Berseem Clover is commonly grown as a summer annual legume, a native of the Mediterranean region.Barenbrug Export (.biz) // Annual Clover       


Berseem clover is an erect plant, rather similar in growth to red clover, it is best adapted to neutral to alkaline soils and has some tolerance to saline soils. Although sometimes included in pasture mixtures to increase the protein content of winter feed, it does not withstand grazing well and can be sown by itself as well as in mixtures as a high protein forage for cutting. It distinguishes form Persian clover by its lower dry matter content, somewhat lower fresh yields and later flowering.

pH-range (CaCl2): 5,5 – 8,0

Flowering: Late

Self-regeneration: Low

Growth habit: Erect

Establishment: Very fast

Application: Silage, light grazing, green manure

Planting rate: 10-15 lbs per acre