Good As Gold Wildflower Mix- 1 LB Jar

  • Good As Gold Wildflower Mix- 1 LB Jar

Good As Gold Wildflower Mix- 1 LB Jar

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The Good As Gold Wildflower Mix is a mixture of 18 wildflowers with about half of them perennials and the other half reseeding annuals with no filler added.


1. Choose a site that is capable of supporting plant life without prohibitive competition from weeds & ample shade.

2. Plant in your area according to climatic conditions. Early fall in the temperate zones where seedlings can survive in the winter. Spring in colder zones. Late fall after frost for dormant plantings.

3. Seed bed prepartion means good seed to soil contact. If undesirable perennial vegetation exists kill it with the appropriate herbicide. Dry vegetation can be removed by tillage or scalping. The deeper the disturbance the more new weed seed you will expose.

4. Plant a target number of seeds per sq. ft. this will vary according to species, seed bed condition, moisture availability, timeliness of planting, and personal expectation. Plant shallow and roll or rake seeds into contact with soil.

5.Moisture is essential for seedling emergence. Frequent light waterings are the most effective and can be proviede by you or mother nature or both.

6. Wildflowers are low maintenance, but wildflower establishment is NOT. They will require the same care and attention as conventional landscaping plant choices. However, once established they can be maintained with a minimum amount of effort and input. Be sure annuals are allowed to produce a mature seed before mowing or residue removal.

PLANTING RATE1/2 lb to 1 lb per 1,000 sq. ft.