Illinois Bundleflower

  • Illinois Bundleflower

Illinois Bundleflower



Illinois Bundleflower (Desmanthus illinoensis)

Illinois bundleflower is a native warm-season perennial leguminous forb with a unique fern-like appearance.

Height  18 to 48 inches  

Growth habit  multiple stems from a central crown

Bloom color  white globe shaped flowers   

Bloom period  late spring and early summer  

Sun requirement  full sun  

Leaf foilage color  green fern-like appearance  

Seeds per pound  85,000

 Minimum soil temperature for germination  65 ºF  

Soil pH range  5.5 to 8.0  

Planting Rate  4 oz/1000 or 10 lbs/acre

 Planting Depth   ½ inch  

Planting season  scarified seed: spring; unscarified seed: fall