Alfrorex PGI 557

Short Description

Alforex PGI 557 alfalfa has outstanding yield potential across a wide range of production geographies, and can be aggressively managed.


PGI 557 features stable seasonal cut to cut yields and high forage quality for a conventional variety.  Recommended for medium-long rotations across all fall dormancy 4 and 5 production geographies.


Plant Characteristics Alfrorex PGI 557

Fall Dormancy 5.0
Winter Hardiness 2.0
Yield Potential 4.0
Phytophthora Root Rot Highly Resistant
Aphanomyces Root Rot Highly Resistant
Anthracnose Highly Resistant
Verticillium Wilt Highly Resistant
Bacterial Wilt Highly Resistant
Fusarium Wilt Highly Resistant
Pea Aphid Resistant
Blue Alfalfa Aphid
Northern Root Nematode
Stem Nematode