champion perennial grass seed

CHAMPION® GQ perennial ryegrass, was developed with an emphasis on selection based on qualities turf professionals have told us are most important: rapid establishment, stress and disease resistance, and rapid recovery. CHAMPION® GQ is composed of the SR 4000 series and other exceptional varieties of perennial ryegrasses adapted for your specific region.

Disease Resistant

The SR 4000 series perennial ryegrasses — including SR 4600, SR 4220, SR 4350, SR 4420, SR 4500 and SR 4550 — have excellent resistance to common turf diseases including: Crown Rust, Gray Leaf Spot, Winter Netblotch, Large Brown Patch, Leaf Spot, Red Thread and good resistance to Stem Rust. The broad genetic base and high disease resistance of these varieties contributes to the superior performance of CHAMPION® GQ.

Gray Leaf Spot Resistant

Since the initial outbreak in the mid-1990’s, Seed Research has been feverishly working to develop varieties that can withstand the ravages of Gray Leaf Spot (GLS). The initial GLS screening cycle has yielded varieties that are significantly more resistant to GLS than has ever been seen before — SR 4220, SR 4350, SR 4420, SR 4500 and SR 4550. The addition of SR 4600 adds the highest level of GLS resistance. All succeeding generations of our perennial ryegrasses will go through this grueling screening process before they are approved for blending in CHAMPION® GQ.


CHAMPION® GQ contains very high levels of viable endophyte. A wide range of endophyte sources in the different varieties are used so these also have a broad genetic base. Due to these very high endophyte levels, CHAMPION® GQ exhibits enhanced resistance to a number of important insects including: billbugs, sod webworms, chinch bugs, armyworms and aphids. The presence of the endophyte also contributes to improved stress tolerance with better summer survival, enhanced fall recovery and reduced weed invasion. These high endophyte levels are maintained through proper storage of breeder, foundation and certified seed


  • High levels of Gray Leaf Spot resistance
  • Fast germination
  • Fine leaf texture with dark green color
  • High levels of endophytes
  • Broad genetic base
  • Superior disease resistance
  • Excellent for both permanent turf and winter overseeding
  • Uses: Golf courses, sports fields, parks, schools and commercial landscaping


  • Rapid establishment to outcompete
  • Poa annua and
  • other weeds
  • Reduced inputs and lower
  • maintenance costs
  • Widely adapted
  • Superior performance at low
  • mowing heights

Seeding Rates

Seeds/lb: 220,000–250,000

New Turf:

  • 7–9 lbs/1,000 sq ft
  • 300–400 lbs/acre

Winter Overseed Rate:

  • 30 lbs/1,000 sq ft for golf greens
  • 250–450 lbs/acre for golf roughs and sports fields
  • 450–700 lbs/acre for golf


  • Emergence: 3–7 days under ideal conditions
  • First mowing: 14 days after emergence