Cody Buffalograss

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What is Buffalograss?

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Buffalograss is a warm-season, perennial native grass that forms a sod.  Buffalograss is native to the Great Plains from Canada to Mexico.  It is a dioecious species having separate male and female plants.  The male plant when flowering has an erect stem with a flag-like spike.  The female plant forms a burr below the canopy which contains the seed.  Buffalograss has fine textured leaves and spreads by runners or stolons.  Buffalograss prefers well drained clay loam and clay soils.  Buffalograss is thought of as a “dual-purpose” grass since it has long been used for both range as well as turf applications.  The low-maintenance aspect of buffalograss has created great interest in developing new turfgrass cultivars with increased leaf density, faster establishment, and improved color.

Cody Buffalograss

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Cody Buffalograss, released in 1995, was the first true turf-type seeded buffalograss variety. The Native Turf Group in cooperation with the University of Nebraska developed Cody for low maintenance turf applications such as home lawns, parks and recreation, roadsides, or any site where a good quality turf with less expense and care is desired. Cody has since established itself as a premier warm-season turfgrass. Faster establishment, higher density, lower growth rate, excellent winter hardiness, low water requirement, darker color, fine texture and a wide area of adaptation give Cody the edge as the choice for low maintenance areas. Cody's genetic diversity of both northern and southern lines allow it to be adapted to diverse climatic and geographic regions extending from Zone 3 to the north and Zone 10 to the south. Cody has been planted from South Dakota to Mexico and from the West Coast to east of the Great Plains. It has performed exceptionally well across this region. Cody has also shown excellent resistance to leaf spot, purple leaf spot, and good resistance to dollar spot and powdery mildew.  

A Long Term Solution For Low Maintenance Areas

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  • Excellent Turf Density
  • High Drought Tolerance
  • Strong Seedling Vigor
  • Fast Establishment from Seed
  • Good Southern Adaptation
  • Wide Range of Soil Adaptation
  • Mixes Well with Other Low
  • Maintenance Grasses
  • Economical for Large Areas

Recommendations For Cody Buffalograss

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Buffalograss Seedling and Growth Guide

18 days after planting                                                             28 days after planting

34 days after planting                                                             65 days after planting