Corn-lix Deer Block

Why Should I Supplement?

Most soils in the United States are deficient in one or more nutrients. When the soil is deficient in nutrients, the accompanying plants growing on these soils are also deficient in nutrients. Therefore, the deer that rely on the plants for food will not receive needed amounts of these deficient nutrients. Nutrient supplementation can improve the overall health of the deer herd by boosting immunity, growth and reproductive traits of the deer population in your area.

Antler Growth

Besides improving the overall health of the deer herd, supplements can help maximize antler growth through good nutrition. Antler size and shape are affected by genetics, age and nutrition. While genetics are out of your control, you can manage the age and nutrition of your deer herd for rack size. Deer need to be allowed to mature in order to develop trophy racks. Manage deer numbers to allow enough young bucks to survive to maturity (4-5 years). Nutrition is another factor that you can easily control. As soon as last year's antlers are shed the buck's body is preparing for new growth by mobilizing minerals in its body and changing its eating habits to recover from the rut and consume the protein and energy needed for weight gain and antler growth. Supplementing your herd can help deer reach their true genetic potential for antler growth.

Protein & Energy

Corn-Lix Deer Block provides supplemental protein and energy in a highly digestible form. Visible corn and molasses make this block extremely palatable. This block is ideal for all classes of deer from lactating does to bucks. It provides protein and energy necessary for antler development, growth, milk production and reproduction. Protein is especially important for rack development during the spring and summer when antlers are in velvet.

The Mineral Story

Corn-Lix Deer Block provides minerals necessary for optimum antler development, milk production, bone growth and overall health. Proper levels of each of these minerals are necessary for deer to reach their true genetic potential.

The Vitamin Story

Corn-Lix Deer Block is fortified with vitamins A, D and E. These vitamins are essential for immunity, eye integrity and bone growth. While deer synthesize many vitamins naturally, supplements are very useful in times of stress to help bolster immunity and help deer survive natural stresses such as parasites and feed shortages.

When To Provide Supplements

Mineral and protein nutrition is important year-round, however it is most important to supplement deer during the spring and summer. This is not only the time that bucks are in velvet and growing antlers, but also the time that does are providing milk and fawns are rapidly growing and building up reserves for their first winter.

How To Use This Block

A suitable location should be chosen. This may be on or near a trail, or near a water source or bedding areas. Do not choose areas that are accessible to livestock or have high human presence. When placing supplement blocks, be sure to consult local hunting regulations, because hunting over salt/mineral licks is considered baiting in many states and is therefore illegal. The block can then be placed above ground or buried and covered with loose soil. Do not allow deer to run out of blocks or they will look elsewhere for nutrients and may not return to the current location. When one block is two-thirds consumed, place a new block next to it.