Trophy Magnet Forage Oats

Nothing attracts whitetail deer like oats do. Trophy Magnet® Forage Oats have been specially selected for winter hardiness, productivity and maximum attraction. Whether planted stand alone or in combination with other fall planted wildlife plot species, Trophy Magnet® Forage Oats can add that extra kick to your wildlife food plots. Turkey and other wildlife will also be attracted to the tender succulent forage that the oats provide. Trophy Magnet® Forage Oats are adaptable to a wide variety of soils and can be planted just about anywhere that winter wheat is grown. Winter kill may be experienced in more northern areas or in the case of severe winter weather.

Oats are best planted in mid to late September or early October. Because of the larger seed size, oats can be planted as much as ¾ of inch deep. Trophy Magnet Forage Oats are a wonderful compliment to Trophy Magnet Fall Annual Plot Mix.

Recommended planting rate for oats is 64 lbs/acre when planted alone.

This fall, try Trophy Magnet® Forage Oats and get ready for an awesome season!