Victor Cowpeas

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Victor Cowpeas are a medium to large seeded cowpeas that can produce large amounts of lush growth that is sure to make a great addition to your wildlife food plot strategy. Victor Cowpeas can produce a vast amount of forage that is utilized by deer, turkey,quail, pheasant and other wildlife. If allowed to grow to maturity, Victor Cowpeas can also produce a significant amount of grain born in long pods in late summer. Whether planted alone or in combination with other warm seeded species, Victor Cowpeas can add that extra drawfor your wildlife food plots. Although they are fairly drought hardy, Victor Cowpeas can produce large amounts of viney, succulent growth, especially if adequate moisture is received. Victor Cowpeas matures in approximately 100 to 110 days.

Planting rate is 20 – 25lbs/acre

Planting dates are June through July.