Agronomic Resources

Trying to "Cover It All"

At Johnston Seed Company we want to not only provide you with the best quality products available in the marketplace but also accurate, efficient information to make your agronomic endeavors a success.  Whether you are planting 1000 square feet of  Dalea purpurea (purple praireclover) or 3000 acres of 'Santa Fe' wheat, you need accurate information to make the best possible decisions. We designed this page with both the novice and the professional in mind.  We grow a majority of the products, particulary the specialty crops, that we sell.  Many of our employees, whether they be a salesperson, farm manager, the president, research scientist, etc. are agronomists by trade.  What is an agronomist?  It's the guy or gal that must know the soil, the weather, the blotchy patch in the lawn , when to plant corn, the price of urea,  the grazing restrictions on Grazon, the sieve setting on a Case IH 2388 combine, the number of square feet in an acre and their spouse's birthday without the slightest hesitation.  It is kind like the old ranch foreman at Okie Cattle used to tell me when I asked if he had a license to do that.  He said "sure", because he had a "roofer's license". You know, one that covers it all.  The agronomist has to "cover it all".  We have included a collection of formulas, weights, volumes, conversions, etc. to make your job easier.  If you find this page and don't find what you are looking for contact us by clicking on the "Contact" button on the top right of the page and tell us what we left out.  We will get it there if we can find it. Check it out and it is our intention to provide you a place too, that "covers it all" or at least provides useful facts.  A quick disclaimer:  all the information provided is intended to be accurate and reliable, how you choose to use it is beyond our control.

John Lamle
Vice President, Research & Production
Johnston Seed Company