BMR Forage Sorghum


AF 7201 BMR Forage Sorghum

New release in BMR 6 Genetics. BMR 80 is a shorter earlier version of the BMR forage sorghums. Under most conditions, it will yield with the more full-season hybrids and has improved standability. Our choice of hybrids under dryland conditions, or where a shorter season hybrid is desired. The increase in standability is an advantage under all conditions. BMR trait has significantly lower lignin levels for improved palatability and digestibility increasing milk and beef production.

AF7301 BMR Forage Sorghum

Next generation of BMR Forage Sorghums. It is male sterile so if there is no pollen source near it will not produce grain. With no grain the plant does not cannibalize the stalk.This means it will have higher energy content than other BMR Hybrids. Bale-All BMR has improved standability when compared to earlier BMR Hybrids. The BMR trait results in significantly lower stem lignin levels and improved palatability and digestibility increasing milk and beef production.

 AF7401 BMR Forage Sorghum

The newest generation of BMR Forage Sorghums. BMR 401D is a Brachytic Dwarf. This trait reduces internode length, creating a very compact leafy Forage Sorghum. This sorghum will yield with taller sorghums but has the standability of shorter non BMR hybrids.  It benefits from significantly lower stem lignin concentrations for high quality feed value.

Many of the early generations of BMRs had an issue with standability. Farmers either had to manage the BMRs for this or use a standard hybrid with lower quality. Now the producer can have the best of all worlds - high yield, excellent quality and superior standability.

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