Turf Magic

Turf Magic 10-20-10

Low nitrogen and potassium, in combination with higher levels of phosphorus, make 10-20-10 a great choice for gardeners looking to improve root development, homeowners looking for a better root system in warm season grasses, or someone who is growing a newly established lawn in from seed.

Turf Magic 13-6-25 Winterizer w/Micro Nutrients

This fertilizer is specifically blended to help warm season grasses going into dormancy endure a harsh winter by increasing levels of potassium, which is the element needed by plants to deal with 'stress'. When you add to this the micro nutrients, you have a complete fertilizer that helps in stressful periods but also adds to the ground those nutrients that are often not thought of as important.

Turf Magic 13-13-13

A well balanced fertilizer that can be used in just about any setting but is most typically used in early spring or late fall. This can also can be used as a starter fertilizer for newly establishing areas that are grown from seed.

Turf Magic 20-6-6 11%S, 2%Fe

This is a great blend of fertlizer for mid season applications. A higher level of nitrogen, which promotes shoot growth in plants, and a lower level of both phosphorus and potassium give plants the needed nutrients in summer months to increase growth while promoting greener grass with slight additions of sulfur and iron.

Turf Magic 21-0-0 24%S

This is the most readily available form of nitrogen you can purchase. Some fertilizers require microbial breakdown in order to make nitrogen available to the plant but with this you will be seeing results in a matter of a few days after application. This is the fertilizer you need for the quickest green up possible.

Turf Magic 21-7-14 w/ Micro Nutrients (Mg 1.5%, S 3.5%, Fe 1.5%, Zn 1.5%)

A very popular 3:1:2 blend that is great for plants that need an extra boost during the growing season. Added are the micro nutrients that make this fertilizer a well rounded, more complete blend that is sure to have your grass looking at its best.

Turf Magic 46-0-0

A straight shot of urea nitrogen that gives bermuda grass a big growth boost anytime of the growing season.

Turf Magic Pro

Turf Magic Pro 10-0-5 w/ .37% ProShield

An excellent choice of fertilizer that gives grass not only additions of nutrition but is also coated with a pre-emergent, prodiamine. If put down early in the season you can expect to see a reduction in weed populations in healthy stands of grass. When put down later, before dormancy, you can expect a cleaner yard through the winter. Putting down two applications a year will promote a weed free lawn year round. This is used by sports turf professionals and golf course superintendents nationwide.

Turf Magic Pro 28-3-4 10% S, 2% Fe

Our complete early season form of fertilizer that is environmentally friendly. This fertilizer has lower levels of phosphorus and potassium for grass that doesn't require much or any at all. This product is great for people who don't take soil samples but still like the satisfaction of putting down a complete fertilizer early in the season. Plus you get the addition of sulfur and iron, which promote chlorophyll production, the 'green' portion of plants that conduct photosynthesis.

Turf Magic 40-0-0 Slow Release, 3.75% S, 2% Fe

A wonderful nitrogen product that will not volatilize, be lost into the atmosphere, or leach out of soil. The blend includes sulfur-coated urea in combination with urea nitrogen, that is slowly released to the plant. This reduces the likelihood of loss, a substantial reduction in burn potential to the plant, and fewer surges in growth. Turf Magic Slow Release gives you greener grass for longer periods of time without having the burdon of mowing 3 or 4 times a week. Highly recommended and used by turf professionals worldwide.