Hybrid Sunflowers

Sunflowers 011

Short Stature Clearfield Sunflower

JS822HC is a very uniform, shorter stature, Clearfield herbicide tolerant, high oleic, single cross hybrid with resistance to multiple races of downy mildew.

JS822HC's early maturity, short stature and improved disease resistance makes it a perfect hybrid adapted to short season growing environments, late planting situations or as a double crop option. JS822HC also exhibits improved tolerance to phomopsis and scleronitinia head rot. 

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Clearfield Sunflower

JS878HC is a medium maturing, single cross hybrid with stacked resistance to multiple races of downy mildew plus Clearfield technology.

JS878HC has shown improved sclerotinia head rot tolerance and has good stalk and root strength. JS878HC fits production in both northern and southern locations, and is suited to NuSun and bird food markets.

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Beyond Sunflower

JS010HB is a medium maturity, high oleic hybrid with tolerance to Beyond herbicide. JS010HB has outstanding yield, improved oil content and stalk quality.