Jubilee Bermudagrass

       Jubilee, containing Certified Riviera and Transcontinental bermudagrass seed, is formulated for quicker establishment and long term sustainability. Unlike economy blends, Jubilee is a "Certified Blend" of turf varieties that have been tested across the U.S. in the National Turf Evaluation Program. In the 1997-2001 National Turf Evaluation Program, Riviera had an overall rating of #1 with Transcontinental ranking #3 overall.

With a new seed blend also comes a new seed coating, introducing GoldCoat Seed Coating Technology. GoldCoat technology contains a super absorbent polymer, mycorrhiza and Apron XL fungicide. By adding a super absorbent polymer, you increase the water and nutrient retention on the seed. This can be especially important to young seedlings trying to establish roots.

Jubilee, containing only certified turf varieties, is the right choice for a sustainable lawn. Jubilee restores itself after periods of neglect or environmental abuse due to heat, drought and traffic. Jubilee will provide a dense healthy lawn crowding out weeds when properly managed.

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