Riviera for Sports Turf

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Riviera for Sports Turf

Bermudagrass turf

'Riviera' is fast becoming the grass of choice for athletic fields. Don't let the pristine look of  fine textured leaves and beautiful dark green color deceive you. 'Riviera' is the most durable sports grass available.  Superior drought tolerance, heat tolerance, cold tolerance, disease resistance, and most important, wear tolerance, are just a few of the important characteristics that separate 'Riviera' from the rest of the turfgrasses.  'Riviera' is being used in a wide range of venues from high school football, to horse polo, to Major League Baseball. Some are using it as the primary grass, some are using it as a strong base to overseed cool-season grasses.  Whatever, wherever, the application, 'Riviera' stands out as the champion for the turfgrass manager.  'Riviera' has consistently performed very highly in the NTEP trials, university trials, and "real world" applications for nearly a decade.  Early spring greenup gets you on the field earlier, winter hardiness gives you peace-of-mind on those cold winter nights, aggressive lateral growth means the fastest recovery time, and being a seeded variety means cost savings and easy repairs.

Riviera Applications For Sports

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Polo
  • Horse Racing
  • Croquet
  • Rugby

Riviera Planting Recommendations

 Adaptation Range  Transition Zone and South
 Sun Requirement  Full sun
 Soil Type  Most well drained soils
 Soil pH  6.0 to 7.0 is optimum
 Minimum Soil Temperature for Germination  65ยบ F and on the rise
 Seeds per pound  1.5 million per coated pound
 Seed Coating  Clay with Apron XL/Maxim Fungicide
 Seeding Rate   2 - 3 lbs/1000 square feet or 90 - 135 lbs/acre
 Recommended Mowing Height  3/8 inch to 1 1/2 inches
 Nitrogen Requirement  1 - 2 lbs Nitrogen per growing month

NTEP grass trail results 

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Riviera Sports Guides

Riviera Seedling and Growth Guide

18 days after planting                                                         28 days after planting

34 days after planting                                                         65 days after planting