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founded by Willis B. Johnston in 1893 to supply a variety of agricultural seeds to the settlers of the Oklahoma Territory, Johnston Seed Company has evolved into a supplier of seeds, as well as a marketer of many end use products that are produced in Oklahoma and other areas of the world. Our agricultural seeds, turfs, forages, native grasses and wildflowers are in high demand among the growing public for use in conservation, building areas and sporting fields. Today, heirs of Willis B. Johnston now own and operate Johnston Enterprises. Three generations of the Meibergen family have expanded the meager beginnings into a large multifaceted corporation.

Riviera golf course grass

Johnston Seed Company was the first to enter into the proprietary seeded bermudagrass production and marketing business. Guymon Bermudagrass, developed by Oklahoma State University (OSU), was the beginning for Johnston Seed Company's dominance in producing and marketing superior seeded cold-tolerant bermudagrass varieties.  Currently these bermudagrasses are marketed domestically in the United States as well Spain, Italy, Morocco, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Brazil and many other countries.


Today, our seed company produces and markets the two best cold-tolerant seeded bermudagrasses in the world.  Wrangler, a forage type of bermudagrass, was developed cooperatively by Oklahoma State University and Johnston Seed Company. Released in the late 1990's, Wrangler has since become the most widely planted true cold-tolerant seeded forage bermudagrass in the United States. Riviera is the crown jewel of Johnston's bermudagrass line. It is setting new standards by which all turf bermudagrasses are measured. 

Riviera was developed and released by Oklahoma State University in 2001. Riviera was the first seeded turf bermudagrass to ever top the rankings in the world renowned National Turfgrass Variety Trial. Riviera has been planted on major league baseball venues, Division 1 NCAA college football fields and a few of the top golf courses in the world. No one could have predicted the success of Riviera bermudagrass. Recently Dr. Charles Taliaferro, the developer of Riviera, won the coveted Turfgrass Breeder of Year award for excellence in turfgrass varietal development.

wildflower seed

Due the worldwide exposure and the increasing demand for the many different grasses and wildflowers, Johnston Seed Company began selling its products online over 7 years ago. In addition, Riviera, Wrangler, Riata, and Bison are now available to be purchased online and delivered to the consumer’s doorstep. If only Willis B. Johnston was alive today to experience the "seed" he planted almost 120 years ago.

To all our customers over the past century, we would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in Johnston Seed Company. We intend to provide superior service to you for centuries to come.  Enjoy our website. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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