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"No Better Seeds Are Sold Than Johnston's Good As Gold"

"Good As Gold" Seeds For All Your Needs

"Good As Gold" Seeds was a brand coined many decades ago here at Johnston Seed Company.  It was a statement and a symbol of the quality of seeds sold.  Today, the phrase isn't used near as often, not because the quality and the customer are not treasured as much as they were 115 years ago, but because times have changed and so has the diversity of our products.  Years ago, the brand was as important or more so than the variety of crop seed that was purchased.  Today, with so much emphasis placed on individual varietal performance, the identity of the producer and marketer is defined by its specific products.  We still consider our seed products "Good As Gold" when it comes to quality and value, you might just know them better by Riviera, Wrangler, Bison, and Cimarron now.

From Local To Global

Historically the Johnston name is viewed as an agricultural company supplying wheat seed, fertilizer, and services to farmers in the region.  This was true until about 25 years ago when we began marketing the world's first proprietary seeded bermudagrass, Guymon.  When we began the production and marketing of Bison buffalograss, wildflowers and native grasses the the change was advanced further.  The next step was Wrangler bermudagrass which opened more doors.  The latest and biggest advancement in products in the last 50 years for Johnston Seed has to be Riviera bermudagrass.  Riviera has accomplished what no other seeded bermudagrass has ever done.  Riviera, a release from Oklahoma State University, has been rated No. 1 in the National Turfgrass Evaluation and has become a standard for turf performance, cold tolerance and wear tolerance.  Pretty remarkable considering it is a seeded variety that not only has a place in the "Big Leagues" but is easily affordable for "Little Leaguers" too.  Historically, the best varieties were only available in sod form and largely unaffordable to the smaller applications.  Not so anymore.

Something For Everyone

Turfgrasses, Forage Grasses, Native Grasses, Wildflowers, Wildlife Plot Mixes, and so on.  This is really just a small portion of what we actually produce and sell. We have available or can find just about any type of seed you might need with the exception of vegetables. If you have a specific seed you don't see here just click on the "Contact" link at the top of the page and describe your request.  We will do our best to find what you need. Thanks and enjoy your shopping.