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Trophy Magnet wildlife plot mixes are a registered line of high quality wildlife attractants. Whether you are attracting game or non-game animals this assortment of blends will allow you to increase the amount of wildlife in your area. We realize that there are many products on the market today offering grand visions of trophy bucks, huge turkey and flocks of waterfowl like never before seen. These products may  contain seeds that although are very palatable to wildlife ,  may not perform in a wide range of climates and soils. As producers of many agricultural products and seeds, Johnston Seed Company has developed a knowledge of which crops are consistently consumed by deer and other wildlife each year. Trophy Magnet products were developed by utilizing adapted species and varieties that offer you the best performing attractants at a great value.  We have specific products that have consistently performed well over several years.  Depending on what your choice of game is we can supply products that perform to your expectations.  Our wildlife products provide an excellent source of nutrition for a variety of wildlife. From  clover , alfalfa, forage oats, Japanese millet and plot mixes to deer blocks, RackĀ® Deer mineral and even broadcast spreader bags, Johnston Seed Company can help make your food plot a success.  Shop our website and if you have questions or comments please click the "Contact" button and let us assist you by phone or email.

Post Your Pics

Do you use Trophy Magnet Products?  If so, please email us us your photos with details of your experiences with our plot mixes and your wildlife venture and we will post them on our website.  Doesn't necessarily need to be a picture from hunting, could be a game camera, or just photography as a hobby. Deer, duck, quail, pheasant, dove,  whatever you like to do, send them and we will post them for everyone to see.